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Xionghui persists in the service tenet of doing our utmost to offer excellent service. We support the turnkey project, and can provide you with efficient technical services, including raw material batching experiment, feasibility study, process design, plan of building plant, complete equipment supply, installation, etc. You will be satisfied with our good pre-sale service, selling service, after-sale service and other services. 

Pre-sale Service 

Our professional pre-sale service helps you to make a decision on investment. 

1. Related information like company strength and product category is available. We will recommend suitable products to you in accordance with the local market and your requirements. 

2. You can make a field visit to our work site. Our specialized person will introduce our work flow, answer your questions and design a plan of building the plant. 

3. The feasible investment program will be written on the basis of your demands. After the program is approved, we may show you all the relevant drawings. 

4. The plan will take all the related conditions into consideration and reserve space for your future development. 

Selling Service 

Our standard selling service may share your worries and burdens. 

1. The contract will be reviewed to discuss ambiguous points and perfect the contract. Our production schedule will be controlled to ensure delivery on time. 

2. You may receive the drawings of plant layout and equipment. On-site guidance on plant construction can be offered, if necessary. 

3. Xionghui can not only provide technical consultation, but also train line managers and operators for you. 

4. Training content covers quality control, cost control, employee evaluation, workshop section allocation, equipment maintenance, work flow setting, responsibility assignment and so forth. Then, you are able to enter the industry and get a profit as early as possible. 

After-sale Service 

Our considerate after-sale service contributes to increase your profit. 

1. A customer profile will be built to accurately and timely provide services for you. It includes your model, main parts, special requirements and so forth. 

2. If there is any problem in use, please phone us for technical supports. According to your requirements, a technician will be arranged to call you back within the fixed time, so as to locate the fault, put forward the solution and tackle your problem.

3. In case the problem can not be handled over the telephone, technicians will be dispatched to the site and deal with the problem. 

4. Our technical staff can guide you how to run the equipment correctly and safely, carry out routine maintenance of equipment and troubleshoot common faults. 

5. Products with quality problems can be repaired or replaced for free under warranty. 

6. When the warranty expires, products may be repaired at your cost. 

7. The after-sale service department is in charge of receiving and handling complaints about product and service quality. 

8. We may occasionally pay our customers a return visit, so as to solve problems. 

9. Our products will be improved in line with the changing market and suggestions made by customers. 

In a word, Xionghui devotes itself to sharing information and technology of our products with you, providing first-rate equipment and offering efficient service. Xionghui machinery, your wise choice!

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